It's never a quick switch. Usually a week of steady progress, then the body acclimates. But it's difficult to really get into something when you're also weighing against it the fact that you're probably not getting restful sleep. Stress builds upon stress and I always need to center my own breathing to realize that I'm making good progress, even if it's not at the speed with which I envisioned.

I should also try to get back into reading more. I honestly haven't read a book (that wasn't resource material for my video series) in months. I'll likely pick up something into which I can escape.

Funnily enough, I was thinking Mo Yan. First book I ever read from him was The Garlic Ballads. Everything leading up to the final moment felt so “deserved” for lack of a better word, in terms of how the story carried itself. I want that kind of effect with the things that I write, but I sometimes feel like I have no overall purpose in my writing. I feel like this wasn't a problem in past. Something about getting older making me feel less creative in my output. These are just excuses, I know.