finding time.

The last post was so poorly-written and I didn't realize until the following evening. My excuse is that I was distracted on my second monitor and that I didn't have to put too much effort into a thing that I said from the title would be a simple outline. It was meant to be a little messy, as I'm shooting in the dark and I have no idea where to go with a certain story idea. Easier done when you have a basic idea you just want to get across, at least for me, little interesting moments of interplay that I just want to share that seem reflective of something people might encounter and interpolate into the problems in their own lives, the usual stuff. But right now it's like I'm working backwards — I have the setting and a certain character, but little else with knowing what to do, what he's supposed to do, where he will end up.

I could very well make it mundane, make it reflective of my own struggle right now with trying to figure out where to take the character. I haven't felt creatively inspired in a while, truly, and I feel oddly enough that it's because I haven't been alone. I spend too much time in the virtual presence of other people lately. I feel a kind of psychic presence, of people who are now relying on me to be active, visible, for their sake.