starting tomorrow.

Coming up with an actual daily routine going forward, based on the downtime I have in the mornings, the time where I'm a little more reflective after coming back from my walk, and the later hours in the evening when I'm properly unplugged from my other social responsibilities in the arena of that other thing I'm dealing with in my life that I continue to be vague about.

Morning: Write at least 250 words. They don't have to be any good but be mindful of what you're writing, at least. Get through at least two pages (each) of Mishima's many translated biographies. Find some time, if you can, to squeeze in some words here. Maybe another poem.

Midday: Look over and assess what you can do, even if it's just a once-over of the things you accomplished in the morning.

Evening: At least another 500 words. Rearrange what you've jotted down for the next video (and only focus on that video). You'll more than likely feel like writing something here at this time of day, as opposed to in the daytime.

It's mostly the two projects I have that I would like to focus on: the short story, and the video series on Mishima. The rest I can't really make any forward progress on myself unless I could speed up time. That other thing? It's going really well, and people seem to have taken to me. I should find some time to sit myself down and really internalize what people tell me they like about me, just as a way to keep myself going.