I say a certain habit of mine is to sit still while imagining myself running in place. It puts a kind of mental focus on my legs, starting from the thighs on down, and I can almost feel them go abuzz in doing this. You do something like this in meditation, but it's more a reactive kind of thing, what I'm describing. The legs are there, I begin to think, for me to run. More than usually I feel a need to want to get up from my chair, but I never do. It's just fun to think about much I can work myself up from a series of really specious thoughts.

I would have preferred to have made some headway on a few things. When it gets to be too much I go for walks, which is great if only for a very palpable feeling of accomplishment I get from it, in line with my habit of strangely focusing on my ability to walk. Could be that I'm just cagey, as is usually the case nowadays. Could be any number of things.