those who escape.

I find myself rewatching this show every few years and it always brings me back to the first time. Means a different thing to me each time, but it's still pretty moving how it's able to achieve so many things in a way that's broadly palatable and fairly high concept.

Thinkin' about all the one-off side characters that are used as a counterpoise to the main cast, like Tony's other sister, Barb. Fairly singular in their inclusion, usually, because they're mostly written in to really make that line of demarcation between their worlds (organized crime and law-abiding citizen) more apparent. To say they don't make much of an appearance isn't to say, though, that they're not fleshed out.

Barb was written as a character who seems to have not been bundled with all the neuroses that came with living in the Soprano household, none of the narcissistic hang-ups in her behavior, and in fact living a very plain life comparatively. There are outliers to any case but it's hard to remember sometimes that not everything is a one-to-one when it comes to understanding how someone's upbringing had an effect on them.

It feels so constraining yet freeing at the same time to think of your own struggles with mental health in the same way, to think it tied to something so banal as your childhood, every little thing. It's for this reason you are the way you are. There's a sense of relief in that, and I've forever found myself wondering what the reason or purpose was in that instinct.

Anyway, it's been busy which is usually a good thing.